Mass Pay from Veem

Save time and money by sending multiple payments at once using Veem’s mass payment solution.

Save time with Mass Pay

You have a lot of payments to make and not enough time in the day to do it. Enter the mass payment solution from Veem.

Mass pay enables you to send one or thousands of payments all at once in a simple, scalable way saving you hours of manual payment processing time.

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Save money with Veem’s Mass Payment Solution

Veem integrates with your existing systems to seamlessly allow for data transmissions to send and reconcile payments.

There are no added costs or fees to send mass payments and you get the added benefit of Veem’s low foreign exchange rates. That’s a win-win.

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Matthew Hall

CTO of SpringboardVR

"We have hundreds of game developers, and are adding new ones every week. Doing the payroll and sending payments individually would have been a giant headache and would take so many man hours. Veem saves us so much money every week. It’s so much faster than doing it at a traditional bank, by hand.”

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You didn’t start a company to spend your day making payments. We did.

Join Veem to pay and get paid.