The fastest route to your money: Xero invoicing through Veem

Xero and Veem users are already familiar with what our companies offer: fast, convenient, and cost-effective services shaped according to our customers’ needs.

Now, Xero and Veem teamed together to let you deal with your invoices and payments even faster. Through our Xero invoicing feature, Veem customers can send their invoices directly from their Xero accounting software (please note that Xero invoicing is currently available to Veem customers based in the US.).

This allows you to get paid even faster with even less effort, for both domestic and global payments.


You can enable Xero invoicing in just a few easy steps.

Sending Invoices

Unless you’ve already done so, please connect your Veem account to Xero before you start the process.

Go to your Xero Dashboard and open Payment Services via Settings >> Features section >> Payments Services.

Enable Veem payments

Under “Active Payment Services”, click the “Manage Themes” button. Under “Credit card service” column, click the drop down in the “Standard” row. Choose “Veem Global Payments.

Receiving invoices

Recipients will get an email with the subject line invoice [invoice number] from Veem Inc for [email of invoicer].

View Invoice

If you click View Invoice, you’ll land on your Xero dashboard. The “Pay With Veem” button will appear on the top left hand of your Xero invoice.

Initiate payment

You will be brought to Veem; simply login to your account and select the open bill to be paid. You will be asked to “Initiate Payment” to finish your payment.

 Your Transaction is approved

You will see a confirmation banner once you’ve initiated your payment. From here you can start sending out your own invoices or pay other bills. 3

Simple and elegant, Xero invoicing through Veem allows you to deal with your finances more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

This is why we love Xero integration.